A Vast Ocean ~ a prayer from Psalm 86



Do you pray? Is it enjoyable or a burden? Do you feel like you are heard by God? Most people find it hard to pray effective prayers, but the Bible is full of answered prayers and we are told that with faith, all things are possible. We try to pray with words based on what we see as good for us, for our family, and for others. And usually it is hit and miss. Sometimes we are on target and sometimes we feel as if we have shot ourselves in the foot. We go forward limping and having no energy to put a lot of effort into prayer, because it’s a gamble – and it doesn’t “feel” productive. But, despite all these things, God provides a way for us to pray prayers that will be answered. These are prayers that accord with His will. The more we seek God and know the Bible, the more powerful our prayers can become- because we can pray prayers modeled by His word, which is His will.

Psalm 86 is a prayer of David. He was troubled by his circumstances, yet again. He knew that in order for God to hear his requests his heart had to be lined up with God. David was keenly aware that God would give him strength to endure his trial. He also knew that God had unending mercy, kindness, and grace to help him. His prayers were prayed on the basis of Truth. We, too, can pray to God based on His Truth. The following is just an example of how Psalm 86 may look in prayer:

Lord, I am dependent on You- I need You so listen to me and provide me with an answer. Show me Your way today.  You know I am faithful and I trust You- because You are my God. I cry out to You all day.  Have mercy on me and preserve my life- save me, yet again. I lift my heart to You, put it in rhythm with Yours. Let it beat in kindness, forgiveness, and full of grace to all who you put in my path. I am confident that You will answer me on my day of trouble. You do listen, You do see, and pay attention to my pleading cry. You are kind, forgiving, and full of grace towards me. There is no-one like You – no deeds even compare to Yours. Every knee will bow before You – Your Name will be honored. You alone are God. You are great and You still perform wonders.  I can live by Your truth- if you teach me Your way. I can have an awe of Your name- if You make my heart beat in rhythm with Yours. You have rescued me from the depths of hell and with all my heart I will thank You and glorify Your name forever. All this is possible because of Your vast ocean of grace. An ocean where I am just a minnow.