Daily Script for Peace


Did you know we can receive peace each day from the power of the Gospel? For those who believe in Jesus Christ, we know that it is the Gospel that saved us from the despair of living life apart from God.  The good news is the power of the Gospel has not lost it’s potency! It was not just for our day of salvation but it continues to work on our behalf everyday. Trials and tribulation will continue to be a part of this life and God has made a way, through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to continue to bring peace that passes all understanding- each and every day!

Let’s look at a daily script for peace through the Gospel- that might go something like this:

Scene 1 – The human, musters up the strength to pray, waits on feelings to line up, but oh so weary, burdened, dry, empty, struggling, worried about the problem of the day…

Human: “Dear God, (anxious) please change this situation! Fix it- I need you now!”

God: “Who do you say that I am? Have you looked at the heavens lately? The stars in the sky? The vast expanse of the ocean? My invisible attributes, My eternal power, and My divine nature are clearly seen…” 1

Scene 2 – The Human sits up, leans a little closer and has a sudden awareness that God is great but sighs, slumps shoulders, and feels completely like a fraud. They have fear knowing that they are exposed- they don’t live up to God’s standards…

Human: Dear God, (convicted) “You are great but I can’t be around you today. I don’t feel good enough to be here talking to you. I have done some things that go against your word…”

God: (With Compassion) “Do you remember the truth that all have sinned and fall short of My glory? As My child, you now only need a washing away of daily sin that hinders our time together. Just look up to Me and I will get things back in My created order.” 2

Scene 3 – As Human looks up they are overwhelmed by the love of God.

Human: “Dear God, (humbled) Thank you for your love towards me- even though I continue to fall short.”

God: “My love has made the way for you to have abundant life today and for eternity. It is not because you are good – It is because I am good.” 3

Scene 4 – The elated human has insight into the love of God, and suddenly they are aware that this abundant life is not from what they can do but from what Christ already did on the cross. It is a free gift.

Human: “Dear God, (clarity) Thank you for this gift of life that you give me today. I ask for your forgiveness of my (specific) sins. My desire is to turn from my way and to follow you today.”

God: “Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life- in Him there is no darkness or death.  Your (specific) sins are forgiven. In Him, you will not be disappointed. Just pick up your cross and follow Him today.” 4

Scene 5 – Human, who is in awe, knows God is near.

Human: “Dear God, (whole-heartedly) Jesus is my Lord and I trust You.”

God: “I am close to you.” 5

Scene 6 – Human has full awareness that God is abounding in riches for all who call on Him.

Human: “Dear God, (confident) I cry out to you for help. You sit enthroned in the heavens over the waters of confusion and chaos- even over my problems and over my requests.” 

God:  “There is no distinction between Jew and Greek – I AM the LORD of all. You are blessed to cry out to Me because I love to rescue.” 6

Scene 7 – One who is delivered – from danger or life’s daily problems or even from “self” – has peace with God.

Human: (smiling) “Now I can ‘live’ today in abundance and do your work.”

God: (smiles, marveling at His handiwork) 7



“For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen.” Romans 11:36


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