Roots of Righteousness ~ a prayer from 2 Corinthians 5


Are you getting older? That’s a funny question because the answer is the same for all of us, but it’s one that is met with resistance if we actually feel or see our body deteriorating. What if we were so aware of the renewal going on inside our body that the outside wasn’t as quite as important?

Paul was in the ministry of reconciliation. He was trying to encourage the followers of Jesus in Corinth regarding the transformation that takes place when one has peace with God. He was saying, Yes! though we may be dying outwardly – we are actually living inwardly. The things we do here on earth, are not done because we are working for ourselves, but because we are working for our Lord, for an audience of One. When God is living inside of us- it is His life that pours out when we are pressed. Submitting our life to Him can bring reconciliation to others.

We too can benefit from Paul’s ministry of reconciliation. The following is a possible prayer from 2 Corinthians 5:

Dear Lord, We groan with the sense of being oppressed. This earthly body was not made for eternity. It can only take us so far. But You have made a permanent dwelling for us – one that awaits us, one that is much better. The promise of this is that Your Spirit lives in those who trust in You.  You wanted us to be sure of eternal life so Your Spirit living inside of us is Your pledge of what is to come. In this, You have given us confidence that the earth is not our true home. Lord, let us try our utmost to please You. When we do see You face to face, we will be certain that how we lived this life does matter. Because we are awestruck by Your nature, we are persuaded to make Your Name known. Let Your love have a hold of us! We know that You died on our behalf so we should not live any longer for ourselves, but for You. So from now on- don’t let us look at anyone from a worldly viewpoint– or heaven forbid don’t let us look at You from a worldly viewpoint! Because we are a new creation in You and reconciled in You, let us honor You in the work of that very reconciliation. Make your appeal through us, Your people- Your ambassadors. Let us boldly proclaim, “Be reconciled to God!” Your Son conquered the root problem of sin and died on our behalf, so in union with His life let us fully share in Your Roots of Righteousness.  In the Name of our Messiah, Jesus.