To those who may be living in-between

An encouragement for Saturday Christians

The Lord loves you and has so much more for you! He sees your struggles filled with frustration, confusion, or fear. He also sees your heart to want all that He has for you. The LORD God knows you need help and He hears you. The Lord of Hosts will move mountains to make a way for a child of His to know Him, a child whose heart longs for Him and needs intervention. Trials and testing will always be a part of this life. But, in Christ, you have everything you need to live this life as it was meant to be lived according to His word: joy-filled, passionate, and peaceful. Jesus died on the cross and three days later He rose from the grave so you would have abundant life.

If you can say that you have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in your heart by faith; knowing that He is the Son of God, who willingly went to the cross as your sacrifice, died because of your sins, was buried and rose from the grave on the third day, and you know that because of His blood that was shed you will live forever with Him- but you feel you are missing out on the abundant life- I am going to propose that you may be a Saturday Christian.

A Saturday Christian is one who does not know the resurrection power of Sunday. That power is the power of the Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the grave. He is the power that causes us to be born again and walk out of the old life and into the new.

A Christian who lives on Saturday may feel like their days are controlled by the current of life, tossed here and there by the waves, and carried up and down by the wind. (You know that if you could just get steady you will get on with the life that God has for you.) Other Saturday Christians may have become well adapted at maneuvering the waves, riding high and doing amazing tricks. Some have even made a living out of teaching others to embrace the chaotic adventure and accept this as their destiny. (When you are all alone you still have to deal with the fact that one day one of the waves will swallow you). Then there is the Saturday Christian who is on the slow easy way. They have embraced the lazy river of life. It takes them round and round – all day every day. Their biggest wave is at the predictable bend in the river where a gush of water comes out. Everyone screams, more so because the cold water woke them up, but they are back to snoozing before long. (You often wake up, look around at life floating by, and you get panicked but you are not sure which exit to get off so you eventually settle back into your tube and doze back off.)

If you see yourself in this little allegory take heart! Your destiny is so much more than this. You were made to live on Sunday in the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit. Saturday is the day to be dead to former ways. Don’t try to live on Saturday. Just lay the crucified old self down – don’t dig him up and play with what IS dead. Ask God to help you trust Him with your new life. Jesus will arouse you from sleep with power and help you walk out of the grave. He will enable you to replace the old ways with His ways. He will teach you to be His disciple and give you a passion for learning. You were “born again” for Sunday.

Sunday’s coming!