Where Heaven Meets Earth


Do you know where heaven meets earth? You might say that heaven meets earth in those defining moments where you know that there is a Divine Being. Some examples of these sacred occurrences may be experienced in seeing a magnificent sunrise or beholding the vast expanse of the stars on a clear night, feeling a cool breeze on a hot day, being met by a smiling face when you’re down and depressed, the precious encounter of holding a newborn baby, and for some the evidence of a miraculous healing. These are indeed moments that bring awareness of blessing and we are reminded that there is Someone greater than humanity who is worthy of our honor and praise. In that same instance, we also have the realization that we are but dust and in humility of heart we are thankful for being blessed. What if we knew that these scenarios – no matter how great or small- were our starting point to embark on the most amazing journey of our life? The good news is The One True God of the Bible is that “Someone.” He is the Creator and is enthroned in the heavens and rules over all the earth.  His beauty, power, and majesty are seen all throughout creation. In His creation and order He made you for a specific purpose. Did you know that this same Almighty God is moving His eyes back and forth – right now – all across the earth to find a heart that is completely seeking Him? When He sees the heart that is soft and ready He will set up a personal encounter to tell that person about His Son, Jesus. Is your heart ready to experience the greatest love you will ever know? The Person of Jesus Christ is where heaven meets earth. Let the journey begin…

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